Paul Boutsen works toward the expansion of the cv transit_LAB, as a platform for co-creation as well as having realised a number of relevant projects

Cv transit_LAB

Transit_LAB is a cooperative company which creates solutions to complex issues from a unique model of co-creation. Transit_LAB represents the realisation of innovative projects within sustainable development. The activities lie within ‘transition technology and reconversion trajectories’

Transition technology’: techniques, insights and practices which are truly applicable in the present and which contribute to the transition into a new society in which a sustainable balance is pursued.

Reconversion trajectories’: regions, communities, industries which are subject to a change and which would like to contribute to a sustainable future. transit_LAB mobilises expertise from various disciplines.


WASTE REFINERY is a full-fledged alternative to the valorisation of municipal waste. The cv transit_LAB promotes a technological process that sends municipal waste through a wet wash process and immediately prepares reusable materials for recycling, while transforming the combustible fraction into a first-rate fuel.
This project is being promoted together with IPAS –


ZLDR-mine vision paper 2020-2030

In 2018 and 2019, Paul Boutsen developed a new long-term vision 2020 – 20230 for the area of the Zolder mining site in Limburg. In it, existing developments are linked together to achieve a stronger result and a new model of cooperation is outlined for the government, the business community and the population.




Cleantech campus and Greenville in Houthalen-Helchteren

Supervision, during a 3-year assignment, of the process from idea to realisation of the Cleantech Campus, incubator Greenville, the creation of I-Cleantech Flanders, a concept to render classic industrial sites energy-independent via a thorough cooperative model between existing companies, …

A regional Cleantech strategy for Limburg

In 2010, Paul Boutsen developed a vision with policy recommendations for Limburg, in order to develop a new economic sector: Cleantech. The policy paper contains concrete recommendations for Limburg, inspired by successful international examples.

Ecowatt, hydropower plants

In 2000, Paul Boutsen was a director for nv Ecowatt, where he was in charge of a restructuring and supervised the construction of 4 small-scale hydropower plants.