paulboutsenPaul Boutsen
(1962) has over 30 years of experience in participatory process management, policy preparation and regional economic development. He has a history in managing creative projects, (re)structuring and production advice in the public and in the private sector. He has worked on urban renewal in Mechelen, done community work and regional economic development in the Mining Region in Limburg, worked on the redevelopment of industrial properties commissioned by the Flemish government and various municipal authorities, the restructuring of a producer of green electricity and various large-scale cultural productions. He has been an active contributor to the Cleantech development strategy for Limburg. Paul is also active on an international level, mainly as a networker between mining regions. Aside from consulting assignments, he has developed as his ‘own organisations’ the not-for-profit Het Vervolg (project centre for coalfield regions) and the cv transit_LAB (reconversion and transition trajectories).

Paul Boutsen works as a private consultant from the bvba ADACT (Advice and Action). Furthermore, he has developed two structures for large-scale creative projects, the not-for-profit Het Vervolg and the cv transit_LAB.

Paul Boutsen works with nv IPAS on the circular economy: total recycling of household waste and other residual products. A development of URBAN MINING based on technology from coal washeries.


VZW Het Vervolg, project centre for coalfield regions, has been active in Limburg since 1991 as a developer of a cultural strategy in reconversion. Het Vervolg is active at the intersection of regional development, culture, tourism and internationalisation of the region. The labels under which the projects of Het Vervolg operate are the following:

COALFACE, for media and identity research.
MINING&MORE, for tourism development of the Mining Region.
More info: www.hetvervolg.org

Cv transit_LAB, a cooperative society for innovation and collaboration, develops solutions for social challenges, related to regional development or ecological and social transition issues. It is a network of experts who work from a new formula for ‘co-creation’ or from ‘research syndicates’.

More info: www.transitlab.be

IPAS – urban mining – develops and promotes a system for the total valorisation of household and similar waste: everything from the waste is recycled after separation according to density. Material and energy in the best possible ratio: circular economy.

more info: www.ipas.world